Sunday, March 20, 2011


Well my friends, it has been a while....and it seems a lot has happened since I last updated this thing. I spent almost 2 weeks in India at the end of Feb (which I will blog about later) and upon returning to Saudi, my grandmother passed away. Its a little difficult writing this, as she would follow my adventures on this blog. We were very close, and I have been feeling rather guilty, as I had meant to call her before venturing off to India, but got busy, and never made that call, and now I won't have the chance. I know its stupid, and not very productive to feel like this, and that she knew she was loved, but still I can't help it.

Anyways, 3 days after returning from India, I was on a plane heading back to Canada to see my family, and attend her funeral. I am so fortunate that work granted me leave- when I spoke to my nurse manager there was no question of me not going, and all she said was "tell me how much time you need." I'm so thankful to her for that, as I would have regretted not going home for this. Anyways, the funeral was wonderful, and heart wrenching at the same time. It felt very strange being at her house, and her not being there. In a lot of ways it doesn't really feel like she's gone. I never thought she wouldn't be there when I came back from Saudi. She was a wonderful woman, with a bunch of grand kids that adored her, and she will be very much missed, and in our thoughts often. Granny- I love you.
Granny and I before I left for Saudi

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