Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Goa India

In February, I went to India with my closest Saudi mate to help her ring in her 30th birthday in style. We flew from Riyadh to Mumbai, and then on to Goa. This was both of our 1st trips to India. India is an interesting country, because people either love it or hate it. We had been warned numerous times that "you have to just let India happen- there is no way of planning for it." Fortunately, I fall into the camp that loves India. I loved the chaos, it was like a constant shit show, where you literally didn't know what was going to happen next. In one word it was AMAZING.

That being said, Goa area really didn't feel like being in India. It was like a playground for British retirees. We had booked into a 3 star resort which was more than adequate, and quite cheap. We were the youngest ladies in the joint by give or take 20-30 years. I was actually concerned that my nursing skills might be called into practice, as this group was a medical emergency in the making. Luckily, being the only single ladies within a 3 mile radius, we received exceptional service from the pool boys, and restaurant crew. They were tripping over themselves to help us, and their eager attempts at Indian flirtation where extremely self-esteem boosting!!

We stayed 5 days in Goa, and I could have stayed a full 2 weeks. I had forgotten what it was like to take a vacation and do literally nothing!! We lounged at the pool in the afternoons. Got a sketchy massage by an Indian woman. Not as shady as our Sri Lankan massage, but still strange compared to western standards. Apparently having one's breasts massaged is considered normal- when they say 'full-body' massage they ain't kidding!!

We spent a day touring Anjuna Market- the largest market in the area. It was full of spices, clothes, and tons of Indian souvenirs. We spent a couple afternoons at the beach in Baga- fending of the million hawkers, that had us targeted as easy sales. I must admit, I am an easy target in India. Just give me puppy-dog eyes, and I'll probably buy whatever shit it is your selling- for about 5X the price it should be. We made a day trip to old Goa, and toured some of the old ruins, and Catholic churches in the area.
Anjuna Market

Anjuna Beach- with the holiest of Indian animals!!

Baga Beach at sunset
 The food was amazing in Goa- super cheap, and really flavourful. We found that when we got into Northern India the food became much pricier, and went down in quality. Oh, and the beer was cheap too :) After a lovely 5 days in Goa we boarded a plane, and headed for the real gong show of Delhi!!

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