Sunday, November 28, 2010

Portugal- Porto

After spending 3 nights in Lisbon, I took the train to Porto. It takes about 3hrs by train, and it was super easy, and very direct. From the train station I took the Porto metro direct to the hostel I had booked. I booked 2 nights in Porto. The weather was rainy and pretty cold for the 2 days I was there, never really felt like I could warm up. Luckily, the hostel gave me extra blankets which helped!

A girl that I met here in Saudi had arranged for her friend to take me around the 1st night I was there. We went for a traditional Porto meal called Francesinha (I think I spelt this right). Its the most interesting, fattening, delicious sandwich. Its sort of like a grilled cheese with a slice of ham, sausage, beef, and then draped in cheese, and covered in a sauce similar to tomato soup. Looked weird as hell, but was really good paired with a local beer!! From there we went to a local Port Bar, and tasted Port wine. Delicious.

I only had one full day to sight see, and of course it rained cats and dogs. I jumped on a tourist bus, and toured the city. Really wanted to take so many more photos than the weather allowed, but Mother Nature wasn't cooperating. I went to the Igreja de Sao Francisco- an amazing church. Unfortunately, no photos allowed- so I will just have to say that the entire place was covered in ornate wood carvings covered in gold. It was complete Bling Bling, Catholic church style!! The rain continued, so naturally I did what any trapped person living in Saudi Arabia would do- headed to the nearest bar, and sipped Port for the afternoon. My final night in Porto was spent at my hostel, drinking wine, eating cheese, and chatting with other travelers.
Capela das Almas
Torre dos Clerigos

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