Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Countdown is on...........

So, I have 6 1/2 weeks left, and the time is flying by!! I have tons of things to do, but not really feeling super motivated at the moment. Mumkin (maybe) its the heat, since its now getting above 40C here. I officially will be starting back at my old job July 25th. Am feeling like a need to do a major nursing refresher, as my nursing skills have fallen to the way side here. Pretty sure my VIP ass kissing skills aren't going to come in handy when I return home!! Its been quite some time (possibly the entire time I've been gone) since I had an acutely ill patient. I make a mean servant here, but maybe not the best real-life nurse. Inshallah, it will all come back to me- like riding a bike again!!

As it gets closer to leaving, the list of things I miss gets longer. Sadly, the many varieties of proper alcohol often repeat on my list. I miss my peeps, my gay boyfriend, and anything resembling getting dressed up in costume and pub crawling. Am so looking forward to being a short trip accross the border from my family. That's really all thats new. Will be booking my flght home later this week. Need to look into shipping my stuff. My roomie is leaving this week, and my closest Kiwi mate in a month. It's Masalama Time!!!

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