Friday, May 27, 2011

Brunch at the Four Seasons

So as my time in Saudi Arabia is wrapping up, I'm trying to fit in all the things that I have been meaning to do, but have never quite gotten around to doing. Near the top of this list was the infamous brunch at the Four Seasons, and let me tell you it is amazing. I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in food. Yummm!!

Its not cheap- we spent about 330 SAR a person- that's roughly $85 US. Its held on friday's from 12:30 till 4. We made a reservation, and showed up at 12:30, and the place was completely empty. It started to fill up after 1pm and when we left at 2:30 it was packed. There are several stations including an Italian, Asian, Indian, and my personal favourite Sushi!! Sushi is my most favourite meal, and they had deliciously fresh sashimi. They also had an enormous assortment of seafood, and it was all delicious.
 Now, on to the desserts. Two words....chocolate fountain. Several different types of Creme Brule, an ice cream station, crepe station, and a waffle station. There was an entire dessert section that we almost missed, and by the time we found it we were far to full to indulge.

 The crowd was a lovely mix of Westerners, and Saudis. Kids had their own section, although many families chose to do as Saudis do and let their kids run wild through the place. I had to restrain myself from wanting to discipline a few of the more energetic ones. All in all, a lovely culinary experience. The one bonus is that women must wear an abaya, which left us free to wear stretch pants underneath, so we could eat till our tummy's content!

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