Friday, April 15, 2011

Kas with a Day Trip to the Greek Island of Meis

We took the bus to Kas (pronounced Kash), and walked from the dolmas (bus station) to the budget hotel we had booked for 3 nights. By budget I mean, no hot water in the early morning, no TV, no phone ect. Kas was a very touristy town, however; we were there before the tourist season started so things were a little slow to say the least. Many of the places recommended in our Lonely Planet were in fact not open for the season yet, and choosing a decent restaurant was a little daunting. Luckily for us most of the shops were open, and the town houses many, many, jewelry stores, all specializing in sterling silver. I bought a nice pair of silver earrings, 2 rings, and a beautiful set of Turkish towels.

We took the ferry 30 minutes across the water to the Greek island of Meis for part of the day. The town of Meis is quite small, so we ate a delicious Greek lunch, and walked up the hills overlooking the town before taking the ferry back to Kas.

We did a full-day kayaking trip to the island of Kekova which used to be an ancient city until it crumbled in 1AD after several huge earthquakes hit the region. The ruins are visible on the hillside, and it is also possible to kayak over them. We docked for lunch in a quiet bay, and our kayak guide decided to dive off the safety boat, and cracked his head open on the rocks. I got to use some of my nursing skills and bandage him up!! Kayaking on the way back got a little hairy- the wind started to pick up and the waves got much higher than I was comfortable with. I was very thankful when we finally reached shore!!

From Kas we took the bus further down the coast to the larger city of Fethiye.

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