Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things I Heart about India

Oh where to start? There are soooo many things I loved. I am a huge fan of the Indian head nod from side to side that is used to convey "I don't know," "yes," "maybe," and any number of other meanings. I practised this while there, and have now got it down pat. I am an even huger fan of combining the Indian head nod while raising both my shoulders and saying "What to do?"

I especially love being asked "What is your good name?" It is so formal and delightful, and honestly this phrase isn't used enough in the rest of the world!

Two words- sweater vests. They were huge, and very in season when we were there. All different colours, some with glitter. Have never seen so many men on scooters wearing sweater vests. I almost bought my Dad one as a souvenir, but knew it was unlikely that he would ever wear it. He doesn't have mad fashion sense like those Indian men do.

The wide acceptance of really any religion. There are thousands of Hindu gods that are worshipped, Muslims, Christians and many other religions practiced in India.

The awesome T-shirt I got my brother that says "Pure Punjabi." Possibly the best souvenir ever!

And lastly, the people. We met so many lovely people. Everyone was super friendly, and surprisingly I didn't feel like everyone was trying to rip me off. India.......until we meet again- cause I know we will!!

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