Friday, January 21, 2011

The most frustrating word....

The most used, and equally most frustrating word in the Arabic language is Inshallah- meaning literally "Allah/God willing." This word is used for everything. "Will my travel visa come on time?" "Inshallah." "Will my bonus be on my next paycheck?" "Inshallah." For Westerners nothing is as irritating as hearing the dreaded "Inshallah" after a question you have just asked. Really all it means is maybe.....maybe not. Just when you think things are going well, and your paper work is going thru without a hitch, then someone drops the Inshallah bomb, and you quickly know there is no way in hell that you are getting whatever it is you need, in the time frame that you actually need it.

I personally get a great deal of satisfaction from turning this back on people at work. "When will the doctor come to see me?" "Maybe an hour.....Inshallah." "Can I have my pain medicine." "Inshallah!"

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