Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Saudi Ventings

I've been back from vacation for a little over a week, and already am itching to go somewhere. Looks like I'll be heading to Bahrain with some ladies from work for 3 days prior to Christmas!! I have been dreading spending my birthday, and the holidays here. This will be my 1st Christmas away from home (I guess I should just be thankful to have been with my family all those other years!!) Getting away for a few days will be lovely.  I am also taking a week off in January to head to the beaches in Oman, am very much looking forward to this.

Has been a busy last week. American Thanksgiving was last Thursday, and I spent the afternoon eating turkey at the American embassy, and the evening eating more turkey at a potluck compound party. It was pretty great since I missed Canadian thanksgiving celebrations!! Not really sure what to expect from the holidays here- will be attending a Canadian Christmas party in a few weeks, and have New Years plans in the works. Am planning on treating myself to a day at the spa for my birthday (so hopefully the holiday week will pass without being as depressing as I was fearing it might be!)

Now on to the venting.....last night my Kiwi mate and I decided to start some Christmas shopping at one of the local souks. Sounds uneventful enough, but add blond uncovered hair to the event, and you get drama!!! We spent the night hiding out from getting yelled at by authorities to cover our hair. Kinda funny, semi frustrating. Then we went grocery shopping, and same thing. "Sister cover your hair" as I'm pushing a grocery cart thru traffic. We made it home in one piece, but my patience was severely tried. You're probably asking yourself- why not just cover all the time??? I abide by wearing an abaya outside- no problem. Covering my hair is truly a pain, the scarf is forever falling off. I feel like I attract more attention constantly adjusting it. I can't hear as well with it on, and in crowded markets I don't feel as aware of my surroundings. So that's that. Venting complete. Even simple errands often become eventful.

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