Saturday, October 23, 2010


Thankfully crossing into Lebanon was less of an ordeal than getting into Syria was, but more time consuming because apparently half of Syria also wanted to go there at the same time as us! The driving in Lebanon may be the worst that I have seen- many of the roads are very curvy and they have no center median so cars literally drive where ever they like weaving into oncoming traffic to pass. Its kind of amazing to watch, and also quite terrifying. The countryside is quite beautiful, and the men are gorgeous to say the least!! I love men in uniform- and the Lebanese army did not disappoint! Security is pretty rigid- traveling in the countryside you will pass through check points where they may ask to see your passport, and they are plentiful on the street corners, or patrolling the streets in military trucks. We were there just a few days before the President of Iran visited, and security was heavy- you could feel that tensions were rising. I felt safe, but on edge while there, and felt like of all the places we visited if something was going to happen it was likely going to be in Beirut. Our 1st night we heard bombing in the southern part of the country, many of the buildings are riddled with gunshots- completely different from anywhere else I have traveled. That being said I enjoyed myself, and its a lovely weekend away from Saudi. The people were very friendly, and overly concerned with both my relationship and child bearing status. Here are some photos of Beirut:
The Blue Mosque

The bombed out Holiday Inn

Pigeon Rock
Our final night in Beirut was spent at a local tourist bar where we met a bunch of guys from the German Navy- who patrol the Mediterranean with the UN. They were all very young, and very drunk and referring to themselves as "sea men," but not fully getting why we thought this was hilarious. I was actually introduced joke....."chaplain sea man" so wrong, and funny :)

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