Friday, October 22, 2010

Jordan- The Dead Sea

After a couple night in Madaba we headed back to the Dead Sea. We had decided that this would be our big "splurge" and had reserved a room at the Movenpick Resort. Not cheap, but really lovely, and we were able to flirt our way into an upgraded sea-view room! We wasted no time on heading to one of the infinity pools, where we ended up meeting a couple English guys who would become our sidekicks for the evening. After the pool we headed for a float in the Dead Sea. Word of warning- NEVER SHAVE PRIOR TO GOING IN!!! The salt content of the water will burn like crazy the entire time you are in the water, and for some time after.

How does on describe the Dead Sea experience?? Well basically as soon as you attempt to walk in your legs are kicked up from under you, and you are floating. It is best to stay floating on you back. If you roll onto your stomach you risk getting the water in your mouth- and trust me this is very unpleasant. The taste will stay with you well after you have dried off and headed back to your hotel room! To say the water is salty is an understatement. It is also quite oily. Actually quite a strange experience. Not often do you get into water feeling cleaner that you did when you got out. It was really cool to be floating looking at the opposite shore, and thinking about the close proximity to Israel.

We then headed back to our room, and met our new friends for Happy Hour drinks. Drinks turned into dinner- and we had a lovely evening. The next morning we hung by the pool, and dipped in the Dead Sea before getting a driver to take us to Wadi Musa. Guide books and locals will tell you that it is impossible to get a sun burn at the Dead Sea because it is the lowest point on earth and that the UV rays are filtered by the time they reach you......NOT TRUE, or maybe I am the exception to this rule. I sported an amazing burn for several days after, but it did eventually turn into a pretty amazing tan!!

Lathering up with mud from the Dead Sea

Looking at the Israeli hills

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