Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saudi Arabia takes #1 spot deaths related to road accidents over any other country in the world. I have read that in Riyadh alone- 16 people die everyday. Driving here is not to be taken lightly. Not that I have the option- since as a person with female parts I am banned from driving anyways. Would I drive here even if I could??? Hells NO- my reflexes are way too slow for this shit. Almost every time I leave the compound with a driver I have a "oh shit" moment. I have become a very religious person in the car- I also cross my fingers for good luck (so far this has worked!!)

Let me say that I have seen some crazy stuff. It is a regular thing to see cars crumpled and flipped onto their roof on the side of the road- it isn't uncommon to see more than one in an outing. Seat belts are not encouraged or required here. It is supper common to see a man driving on the highway with a small child on his lap- say a 2 year old, and guess who's hands are actually steering the car??? Before I came here I had read a book with a joke that is popular amongst ex-pats- the joke goes- "What do you call a Saudi airbag?" ......a 2 year old. Sad, but actually true.

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