Monday, September 20, 2010

Air Force Ball

So- got an invite to go to the Air Force Ball the other night. For those of you who know me, you know that I'm not a huge dress-up girl. More of a jeans and cute top kinda girl really. But I do heart boys in uniforms, and I had a dress that I needed an excuse to wear, so naturally I was in!! The last event I can liken this to was probably my high school graduation and this was close to a hundred years ago.

My hot date was my lovely Kiwi friend from work. We got dolled up, and waited for our Saudi version of a limo (2002 toyota corolla) driven by my trusty driver Chandoo. On route to the Ball we witnessed a group of men in the back of a partially covered truck light off a firecracker inside the truck going 100km on the highway. Seriously people- lets think about this??? Thankfully we were a couple cars behind, and were able to avoid this stupidness.

The Ball was great- more of a "to do" than expected. Lots of hand shaking, booty shaking, and good-looking all American Boys in uniforms. I have another Ball next month at the Canadian Embassy- oh the life of a nurse in Saudi!!

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