Friday, August 20, 2010

The Path

So the other day while at one of the local bookstores I stumbled into the game section and made an amazing discovery!!! I found the Muslim version of the game of Life called "The Path." So last night we pulled it out and gave it a go, and let me 1st say it did not disappoint!!!

The premise of the game is similar to the game of Life. You get a career, get a house, a car, get married (only once), and have as many children as possible. The rule guide said that "raising good Muslim children counts towards winning the game, so you want to have as many as possible." Mom- I am happy to report that on "my path" I was very fertile and you would have more than enough grandchildren to be happy!!! The game was amazing- the car choices ranged from camel to BMW. The houses from a ti pee to a houseboat (hardly useful in the desert) to mansions. Oh and you got prizes for shopping and countries visited!! Great way to pass a Thursday night!! This is what a winning card might look like:

And this might be a losers card AKA my card:

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