Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm a big girl now!!!

And I'm not talking about size!! I have finally graduated, and conquered the city of Riyadh on my own (well not totally alone- with my trusty Indian sidekick driver name Chandoo). Today I ventured out solo- in the midst of Ramadan, with my hair uncovered, blowing provocatively in the air!! 1st stop- the Canadian Embassy to have a visit with the notary. 2nd stop- the grocery store where an elderly Saudi lady approached me and said "Salaam Aalaykom" to which I replied "Hello." My Arabic is coming along quite slowly as the majority of the patients at work speak English. When put on the spot any words I do know fly out of my head- and English is all I can get out! 3rd stop- the purchase of a very overdue new camera. So looking forward to using it in Budapest and Vienna this coming weekend!!

On a travel note- my dear dear pal Jen is coming to see me on the Middle East in a months time- we are meeting in Jordan, and planning on traveling up to Syria and over to Beirut if all goes according to plan. This will mean I have a visit to the Syrian Embassy in the next couple weeks to look forward to! Also just booked my ticket for Sri Lanka at the end of October- let the traveling begin!!!!!

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