Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Work Work Work

Well I have officially survived my 1st month in the Kingdom. It has gone by surprisingly fast. I have been super busy with orientation and mandatory education classes, but will be on my own this friday. So, wish me luck. I have already stated how extensive this orientation process has been. In some ways it has made me feel like a brand new nurse having to get checked off on basic nursing tasks, but on the other hand it has caused me to review my practice which never hurts!!

I am going to rant a little about my new job- the good and the bad. The staff are excellent, super friendly, and very welcoming. My preceptor is lovely- she is a fellow Canadian (so you may ask how could she be anything but lovely right?) I will be working more hours here than I did while working in the US. Still working 12hrs shifts but basically 2 shifts one week, 5 shifts the next, and every 6 weeks we work a free 12hr shift called the "Kings shift" just for the hell of it. The major plus is over 8 WEEKS of vacation- yah you heard it right- it actually works out to more than that if you schedule it right!!!

Work wise- nursing is nursing basically the same everywhere. Here procedures that would require day surgery or an overnight stay often end up staying 7-10 days depending on when the patient chooses to leave. New moms often stay up to 10days. Culturally its very different. Patients have huge numbers of visitors. They often are awake until the wee hours of the morning, and sleep the day away. This can be a real challenge for diabetic patients, and monitoring their blood sugars. All patients will have a "sitter" with them at all times- most often this is a paid caregiver/servant that has worked with the patient for many years. These sitters can make your job much easier if you have established a good relationship with them. The majority of my patients speak English which is great, but dosen't challenge me to have to use my newly aquired Arabic words. The following are some pics of the flowers on our unit- I've never seen anything like them. Those white rods are actually glass flutes. Really a site to see!

 Often times patients book 2 rooms and use one as a sitting room, and the other is the patients room:

Chocolates, chocolates, chocolates:

Anyways, that's all for now. Am still happy I decided to come here!!! More soon....

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