Sunday, May 23, 2010

Things I Heart about Saudi

I am very easily amused, in almost a childish way, and hope that my comments don't offend anyone reading this!! I think that in order to survive here, you have to have a sense of humor regarding the everyday situations that you face, otherwise you would go mad. For example: in the Arabic language there is no letter "p". It's pronounced as a "b" which I find very funny. During orientation IV pump is now IV bump, patient is batient. I realize this may not be funny to most people, but I have now taken to telling my friends that I'll meet them at the bool for a swim. Endless entertainment.

As a woman I am required to wear an abaya out in public- which is uncomfortable and hot. They're not breathable- don't let anyone tell you otherwise. My only comfort is that often I wear my swimsuit or short shorts underneath. Its humorous to think that I'm dressed more provocatively underneath my abaya than I would be if I wasn't required to wear it in public! I recently purchased a hijab which is the facial cover that many women in Saudi Arabia wear. Western women usually refer to it as a ninja for its resemblance and ability to desire its wearer to strike karate like moves. My hijab has become quite the conversation piece when skyping with my peeps back home!!

I love that rarely will you find coins here. If you are at a store and they need to give you change back, often you are handed a pack of gum.....or back of gum instead!

I especially heart parking in Saudi Arabia. The attached pics demonstrate amazing skills that would make any driver instructor faint of heart!!

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