Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bin Who Dat??

So the other day I walked into work, and the place was abuzz with gossip, and not the normal run of the mill news. My friends back home were messaging me asking "are you ok?" and "be safe." So I knew something was up. One of my co-workers quickly filled me in that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. My first thoughts were "that guy is still missing?" Cause lets be honest, I see someone who could be his twin on a nearly weekly basis being here. It's all I can do to not speed-dial the CIA hotline with reports of his supposed location. But seriously, this just adds another reason to the ongoing tally of reasons why I should probably get the eff out of the Middle East.

Not that this isn't amazing news for Americans, or for other Western countries, but it does make those of us here a little more leary about our safety, and gives my friends and family another reason to worry. Unfortunately, being a blond Westerner, you sortof stand out in these parts! So, what has the last week been like? No different than the one before. There was talk that embassy events would be canceled, but this didn't happen. The security to get into our comound is as lax as ever- the last 5 times I've come back my car hasn't been stopped or searched. The VIP entrance to the hospital remians unmaned most hours of the day. Anywho- that's all the news from these parts. I did get to inform 2 co-workers of mine, a Saudi and a Jordanian about the news, and they immedicately switched into talking Arabic in front of me, and told me they were saying a prayer for Bin Laden.

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