Saturday, October 23, 2010

Syria- Damascus

We spent 4 nights in Damascus, and took a couple day trips out of the city. We stayed just outside of the old city- but within walking distance of it, and the Christian Quarter (the only place you can buy alcohol). Damascus was a really interesting city- but not a city I would want to visit on my own. It is really dark, and kinda had a cold feeling to it. The Syrian people were very friendly- and extremely diverse in their appearance. We saw very few Western tourists there, and met no Canadians or Americans the entire time. We spent our time in the city touring the market, walking the old alleys, eating and drinking. The food was excellent- everywhere we went.

Syrian men are also very funny- openly staring. And often saying a trademark "Ahllow" or "How are you" to your back after you had already walked past them. Apparently the "wink" is also making a comeback in these parts (for better or worse.)

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