Friday, August 6, 2010

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- NOT

Growing up in Canada we recycled everything- seriously everything. My mom was anal that soup cans be cleaned and put in the metal recycle bin, and the paper label into the paper bin. Plastic sandwich bags were washed out and reused. Very specific. Here, not so much- or really not at all. Recycling does not exist in any form. Everything gets thrown out. I feel like a small part of me dies every time I throw a soda can or water bottle out. Often times things don't even make it into the garbage. At work it is not uncommon for a patient to simply throw their things on the floor- even when a garbage can is like a foot from the bed. Weird. I sort of raise my eye brows and say "OK then" and turn and walk away. I have to remember that employing servants is very common here, and I suppose maybe at home a persons garbage is picked up off the floor, and placed into the garbage by someone else? Different culture- different cultural norms.

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