Monday, July 12, 2010

Is it all bullshit??

The first week that I was here I met a guy at a party and in speaking about Saudi Arabia he said "this isn't life, this is just an existence." At the time I didn't really get what he meant by it. After being here 10 weeks it sort of got me to thinking.....sometimes being here feels a little like bullshit. Like maybe this isn't real life, that my "real" life is back home. Like whatever I do here has very little relevance on my life back home. It's a very strange feeling- like there are no consequences, and in many ways there are not.

Being here also gives people the chance to reinvent themselves, and time away from the people back home where they can work on themselves; be a better person, exercise, travel, or take on hobbies that their regular lives didn't accommodate for.  The flip side of this is that some people go to the other extreme behaving in ways they never would back home because those they care about will never know.

People are in Saudi Arabia mainly for 1 of 2 reasons. The money or to travel. I guess to some extent we are all here also to escape something back home- whether that is responsibility, normality, strained relationships, debt ect. In the last 10 years I have moved a lot, and its sort of a learned coping mechanism because when things in your life go to shit- it is so much easier to move on then actually deal with things. Break up with a dude: MOVE. Hate your job: MOVE. Hate the weather: MOVE. Coming home after this year will definitely be interesting, as I hope to actually drop some roots- instead of continuing on as a nomad. More later...xoxo

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