Friday, July 30, 2010

Arabic- Huh???

I am super jealous of people who pick up languages easily. My brain is not wired for it, and I have a very difficult time. Normally I learn a few key words and get by with an elaborate series of hand gestures to get my point across. I took French classes up till junior high school, and basically hated it. Looking back I wish that I had been forced to take it all the way through as maybe my younger brain would have eventually gotten it. Before going to Guatemala last fall I practiced my Spanish- and got to where I could communicate in the most basic way, and trust me that was a challenge. Now that I am in Saudi- I try to speak Arabic, and I think it in Spanish or French. Its the damnedest thing, and super unhelpful. Lucky for me most of my patients speak English to some degree, or have a family member present who does. I'm catching on very very slowly. Inshallah I will learn!!! Maybe some classes are in order.

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