Friday, June 11, 2010

A Grocery Shopping Experience

I'd like to walk you through grocery shopping as seen thru my eyes. Step 1: call your driver. This is very important as your safety, and your life depend on having a driver that you trust. (Not really, but the driving here is terrible so why tempt fate right?) Step 2: make sure that you have agreed on a price with said driver prior to arriving at the grocery store. Step 3: shop, shop, shop.

My newest fav grocery store is Danube. It is amazing, and better than any other grocery stores I have been to. It is clean in almost a sterile way, and super organized (like a grocery store with OCD). The shelves are so high that even an NBA player could never reach the top.

This store also sells the most amazing things, such as Burka Barbie and Abaya and Thobe wash!!

Every now and then you feel like you hit the jack-pot when you come across some random item that you forgot how much you love from home. Finding tortilla chips was a huge score- and I'm currently rationing the bag I have till I find more!

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