Sunday, April 11, 2010

So I'm really actually leaving!!!

I'm totally new to the world of blogging, and its a lot harder than I thought it would be. I stewed over what to name this blog for what seems like months now. My personal favourite was "In the Land of Camel Toes" but was pretty sure there was no way my Dad would type that in to his computer, or think that it was as funny as I do, so I opted for a more PG title.

This move has been in the works since the fall, and it has been a long and frustrating process. Saudi Arabia is not an easy country to get a visa for. There is a small mountain of paper work to be completed, and an extensive medical screening. I have never needed to take a pregnancy test, or have a pap smear required for a job......until now. The good news is that I'm free of communicable diseases, the bad news, I lost a unit of blood for all the tests they needed. Next came the actual visa process. I was supposed to leave on Feb 4th, but after the 1st application was lost I am officially leaving April 29th!!! Just around the corner!!

It is always interesting the response I get when I tell people that I am freely moving to Saudi Arabia. It goes only one of 2 ways- either a look of complete horror and disbelief, or genuine excitement. I am very excited to start this new adventure, however; I am not naive about this. I fully expect each day to be a challenge, especially as a western woman. I do not agree with the restrictions for women there, but I am going for the experience. To live in a country that I know very little about, to learn a new language, pay off some debt and to travel. I expect that this experience will change who I am, and how I view the world. As with any travel, it will make me more appreciative of where I came from, the luxuries I have, and the way I was raised.

So here's the start of my journey. My to-do list is getting a little out of hand, but I can now cross "start my blog" off the list! I only have 2 shifts left at work, and the countdown is really on. More soon...

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  1. I know this blog is old, but I am in the middle of the paperwork journey for a job in Saudi. Decided to go back and read your blog for inspiration and help. Found your 2nd blog which linked me to here. Hoping I get approved for the Visa and can start my adventure also. But so far i feel exactly how you felt about 10 years ago.